Our Giardiniera was created in 2005 at the 5 Sensi Restaurant in Malo

to serve with a dish from the new menu. With an innovative spirit, Luciana convinced Morgan to prepare a takeaway version in a jar. It was an overnight success! In 2012, a laboratory dedicated to working with seasonal vegetables was opened; here, Morgan and his family’s specialties in jars come to life, with the same culinary approach as at the beginning, without compromises in search of maximum quality.

Fresh ingredients

We select our vegetables from partner farms that use a well-structured cultivation technique. Attentive selection and no compromises ensure that our giardiniera is always delicious and crispy, a pleasure for all the senses.

Hand-crafted production

Our specialties are made by hand, just like granny Regina used to make them, with no chemical trickery, for a tasty genuine result.

From our pantry

Davide Paolini, il gastronauta di Radio24 del Sole 24 ore racconta la giardiniera di Morgan...

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La Giardiniera di Morgan by Gustavoo

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