La Giardiniera: a family affair

For every member of the family, there is a recipe that is inspired by their individual quirks and characteristics.

Morgan’s Giardiniera

The first Giardiniera is Morgan’s crisp, mild, fresh and innovative Giardiniera. A sweet and sour taste that can be used as a simple side dish, or paired with food or wine and enjoyed all year round.

Pairing: with traditional cured meats, prosciutto, fresh and preserved oily fish, baked fish such as gilthead bream and turbot, traditional boiled meat, and mixed salads. Try it also with wine.

Luciana’s Giardiniera

Like all mothers, Luciana strives to “take the edge off” and restore the balance in the family. Hence this recipe, which is more “rounded” and has a fuller flavour than Morgan’s: a richer, more sapid fusion of flavours, it almost seems like it is homemade, thanks in part to the fact that the vegetables are more finely cut. After the vegetables have been cut by hand and cooked separately, they are left in a sweet and sour marinade and then put in jars along with mixed oil.

Pairing: perfect for a tasty aperitif, with cold cuts or cheese. It’s outstanding with oven-baked fish, traditional cooked and uncooked cured meats, boiled meat and salads.

Giada’s Giardiniera

Our oldest child Giada Maria is a colourful and imaginative girl. For her, we have created the richest and most varied of our recipes. One of the most distinctive features of the product is the attractive jar with a deep blue lid, which is dedicated to the colour of her eyes.
It is a delicious, colourful recipe with a highly appealing mixture of vegetables in large chunks. It is marinaded in a flavoursome sweet and sour liquid that is bursting with character. The vegetables are subsequently preserved in extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil.

Pairing: exceptional with traditional cured meats and fresh and preserved oily fish.

Anna’s Giardiniera

Giada’s younger sister Anna Paola is a sweet-talking charmer who knows her own mind, so we have dedicated a recipe to her that contains the aromatic pairing of fresh chilli peppers and ginger for a sweet and sour flavour with a spicy touch and a crisp, aromatic quality. The sweet and sour recipe is complemented by the salad onions. The chilli peppers and ginger should be savoured in small pieces and alternated with the other vegetables. This Giardiniera comes in a small jar with a bulging shape.

Pairing: perfect with with white meat, boiled meat, oily fish and mature sheep’s milk cheese.

Giovanni’s Giardiniera

Finally, there’s Giovanni: the inventive, vivacious baby of the bunch! For him, we have come up with an innovative recipe that combines vegetables and fruit in a very sweet, aromatic blend. The singular selection of vegetables in this recipe varies with the seasons; they are accompanied by the sweetness of pears and apples. After sweet and sour marinading, they are preserved in mixed oil.

Pairing: superb with mortadella, flavoursome cured meats, cooked cured meats and boiled or baked fish. It goes well with bloomy rind cheeses and medium cheeses. It is spectacular with boiled and grilled poultry.

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