Morgan’s Friends

The project launched by Morgan and Luciana in 2012 aims to explore every aspect of the world of food, creating new and unusual pairings, sourcing excellence and pushing the boundaries of convention.

To do this, La Giardiniera has inevitably broadened its horizons, exploring new worlds, creating partnerships with people who share the same aims and values. This has led to the creation of “Morgan’s friends”, a continuously evolving range of complementary products.

Crunchy corn delights

Morgan’s extended family is growing and now includes Crunchy Corn Delights, chosen with our friends Eugenia and Walter Magris of Praforte in San Daniele who produce them and who share our vision of excellence. Excellence that is never taken for granted, that has close ties with its local area but offers something new and original.

Available in 3 varieties, each with a different size and use, these corn snacks are the perfect accompaniment to our products and their delicious consistency gives our crunchy vegetables that extra crunch.

Certified organic and naturally gluten free, they offer exciting new pairings and we couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with them. If you never thought a corn snack could be a crunchy pleasure, now is the time to explore the world of the 50 Shades of Corn and try some of our suggestions for a great taste experience.


Ugo Caldera has been producing some of the finest extra virgin olive oil in the Lake Garda area since 2004.

Olearia Caldera has brought the age-old tradition of producing olive oil into the twenty-first century and this is what the two companies have in common: their products are the perfect combination of innovation and traditional local excellence.

The blend selected by Morgan and his friend Ugo is obtained from oils from the most renowned regions for oil production in Italy and the result is a fresh, well-balanced oil with its own distinctive personality. Just like our pickled vegetables.

  • VARIETY: 100% Italian olives
  • PICKING METHOD: mechanical/hand stripping
  • EXTRACTION METHOD: continuous cycle
  • DESCRIPTION: the fresh herbal aromahas a hint of tomato leaves and notes of green apples and artichokes.
    The fruity flavourof green olives is slightly herbaceous and pleasantly spicy.
    Its colouris clear, bright due to filtration and green with yellow hues.

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