Crunchy corn delights

Our Crunchy Corn Delights are available in 3 different varieties:

Our Chips are delicious and crunchy: you won’t be able to resist them with one of our special fillings!

Our Thins are ready to fill, so why not create a crunchy millefeuille or a quick melt-in-the-mouth oven-baked lasagne?

Our Breadsticks will give your sweet and savoury culinary creations that extra crunch.

Our Crunchy Corn Delights are delicious on their own but even better when paired with our pickled vegetables, the other specialties in our family or cured meats, cheese, marinated fish, grilled vegetables and custards. We’ve come up with 50 different combos!

50 shades of corn

Meat tartare with black truffle

Greek yoghurt, compote made with Morgan’s Percoca peaches, basil and salt flakes

Bread and tomato, caper leaf and dried caper fruits

Morgan’s special Russian salad with tuna, Morgan’s gherkins and chili pepper

Tuna, Morgan’s red onions and rice mayonnaise

Anna’s Sauce

Stracciatella cheese, fresh tomato and basil

Morgan’s Pesto with PDO red aubergines of Rotonda and almonds

Morgan’s sweet tomatoes, basil and zibibbo grapes

Salami and Luciana’s Giardiniera

Candied mandarin oranges, gorgonzola and walnuts

Compote made with Morgan’s red onions, Morgan’s baby onions in Vermouth and blueberries

Beef tartare, Dijon mustard and Morgan’s Giardiniera

Avocado, salmon and fresh tomato

Morgan’s Giardiniera

Morgan’s Percoca peaches with Bourbon vanilla

Branchi ham, Asiago cheese, Morgan’s quail’s eggs and cocktail sauce

Salmon tartare, Greek yoghurt, lime and mint

Roquefort and Morgan’s late season radicchio

Compote made with Morgan’s Percoca peaches and berries

Aubergine millefeuille, Morgan’s sweet tomatoes and oregano

Trieste ham with horseradish

Rice mayonnaise, eggs and Morgan’s pioppini mushrooms

Cereals, chickpeas, roveja, Morgan’s Giardiniera and vegetables

Pumpkin, Morgan’s late season radicchio, squacquerone cheese and rosemary

Grilled courgettes, marinated salmon and robiola cheese

Traditional Bolognese filling: ragout, bechamel and parmesan

Ricotta, purple aubergine and Morgan’s sweet tomatoes

King prawns, Datterino tomato, basil and lime

Compote made with Morgan’s Percoca peaches, Chantilly cream, berries, vanilla and lavender

Chickpea cream, roasted vegetables, lamb, thyme and Morgan’s sweet tomatoes

Mini lasagne from Liguria: parmesan, basil pesto, green beans and Taggiasche olives

Pistachio cream

Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes and basil

Greek yoghurt, marinated salmon, PinKimonio and mixed lettuce

Stracchino cheese, Morgan’s quail’s eggs, Morgan’s pioppini mushrooms and mixed lettuce

Goat’s cheese, donkey bresaola, Morgan’s pioppini mushrooms and mixed lettuce

Morgan’s asparagus, anchovies, Morgan’s peppers

Bombay chicken: mandarin orange compote, curried chicken, Morgan’s carrots

Butter and anchovies

Onion stuffed with cumin-flavoured carrots

Black beans, Greek yoghurt, Morgan’s onions in balsamic vinegar

Parmesan omelette, Morgan’s red onions, Morgan’s spring onions

Morgan’s Russian salad with prawns marinated in orange

Morgan’s sweet tomatoes and wild rocket

Morgan’s sweet tomatoes, sausage and rosemary flowers

Sausage and Morgan’s red onions

Roasted summer vegetables and borage

Creamy robiola cheese with dill, figs and Morgan’s red onions

Millefeuille with onion omelette, broad bean cream and mixed lettuce

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