Extra-virgin Olive Oil – Olearia Caldera


100% Italian Extravergin Olive Oil.
The blend selected by Morgan and his friend Ugo is obtained from oils from the most renowned regions for oil production in Italy and the result is a fresh, well-balanced oil with its own distinctive personality.
Just like our pickled vegetables.

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The ingredients?

100% Italian Olives.

Technical details:

  • VARIETY: 100% Italian Olives
  • HARVESTING SISTEM: mechanical/ picking by hands
  • EXTRACTION METHOD: continuos cycle
  • CHARACTERISTICS: It has a fresh aroma with scents reminiscent of plants and tomato leaves, along with hints of green apples and artichokes.
    On the palate, there are fruity notes of green olives. There is a subtle herby flavour and it is pleasantly piquant.
    Filtering leaves it clear and bright, with yellow tinges in the green hue.

How to store it?

Store it in a cool and dry place and keep it away from light. Pastorized product

Additional information

Shelf life

16 months from the production date


500 ml

Net weight

0,50 l

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